Cognetix IDR Overview


“Cognetix principals have first hand experience in translating complex concepts into practical, cost effective and reliable designs. It takes professionals with this type of successful track record …”
—Cesar M. Garcia, CEO, Iris Diagnostics

“When internal personnel are not available, Cognetix Engineering’s technical expertise is valuable, and sometimes critical.”
—Michael Vaughan, Sr. Manager of Product Engineering, Advanced Bionics

The cost of fixing errors increases exponentially the later they are detected in the development and production lifecycles. Cognetix Engineering conducts highly detailed design reviews that inevitably lead to significant cost and time savings by reducing the number of design iterations in a typical design/engineering project.

Cognetix IDR Time & Cost

There are various Cognetix IDR service options, whose benefits almost always far outweigh the investment. Each service option is typically billed on a per-hour basis. Please contact us directly to discuss your project under strict confidentiality.

  • Cognetix Quick-Check
  • Cognetix IDR (Standard)
  • Cognetix Custom IDR
Upon request, Cognetix Engineering can promptly implement design changes approved by the client.

IDR DetailsIDR Benefits

The Cognetix IDR Process

  • Support is provided under strict confidentiality.
  • Project requirements are discussed in person, online, or by phone.
  • CAD and related files are transferred securely online.
  • If available, design prototypes and samples are evaluated.
  • Cognetix Engineering promptly conducts Independent Design Review.
  • Findings and suggestions are presented to the client.
  • As an option, Cognetix Engineering can promptly implement changes.

—Same-day or next-day reviews are possible—

Under STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY, Cognetix Engineering thoroughly reviews design aspects such as safety, ergonomics, functionality, reliability, durability, serviceability, tolerancing, and manufacturability in a highly detailed manner that inevitably contributes greatly to timely, successful designs.

Although most critical during the product development stage, a Cognetix IDR is a powerful tool that can be applied at any stage, including product transfer and sustaining engineering.Tooltip Text

Types of Projects

Commercial Products

All Industries

BTE Processor

Surgical Tools and Instruments

Surgical Tools

Medical Devices

FDA Class I, II, and III

Urine Analysis System

Review of Outsourced Design & Engineering

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