Independent Design Review

Introducing… Cognetix IDR

A Cognetix IDR is a unique high-value independent design review by Cognetix Engineering that delivers unprecedented cost and time savings on a variety of design and engineering projects.

It is much more than a “peer design review” or a “cross-functional design review”, given that most companies do not, for various reasons, have the time or resources to execute thorough design reviews in such a detailed manner as to significantly reduce design iterations.

Same-day or next-day design reviews are possible.

Much like a spell-checker, the Cognetix IDR process results in a practical, detailed and categorized list of findings, along with suggested corrections and improvements.

Upon request, Cognetix Engineering can promptly implement design changes approved by the client.

“Cognetix IDR” DetailsBenefits of IDR

Types of Projects

Commercial Products

All Industries

BTE Processor

Surgical Tools and Instruments

Surgical Tools

Medical Devices

FDA Class I, II, and III

Urine Analysis System

Review of Outsourced Design & Engineering

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