Product Development


“Cognetix principals have first hand experience in translating complex concepts into practical, cost effective and reliable designs. It takes professionals with this type of successful track record … to deliver high quality products that can compete in the global market.”
Cesar M. Garcia, CEO, Iris Diagnostics
“When internal personnel are not available, Cognetix Engineering’s technical expertise is valuable, and sometimes critical.”
Michael Vaughan, Sr. Manager of Product Engineering, Advanced Bionics

Cognetix Engineering, based in Southern California, provides high-quality design and engineering services in areas of product development and manufacturing process development among various industries and for numerous types of clients.

Our commitment is to provide well-balanced, creative, high-quality engineering and design solutions that fully satisfy your project requirements and timelines, and exceed your expectations.

Product Development

From Concept to Creation

BTE Processor

Addressing all important design, engineering, safety, ergonomics and manufacturability aspects

Medical Devices

FDA Class I, II, and III

Urine Analysis System

Automated laboratory equipment, implantable devices, and more

Surgical Tool Design

Surgical tools and Instruments

Surgical Tools

Instrument designs to support implantable device surgery and more